Collectable One Of A Kind Birdhouses

About Thom




    A native, small-town Vermonter, I have been a self-employed master carpenter and woodworker for over thirty-five years with a deep love of nature, a fierce independence, and a Vermonter's dry sense of humor. My childhood was filled with playing in the woods, wading in streams, and building forts and treehouses. In fact, I don't ever remember not making things: wooden toys, go-carts, gifts for my family. My very favorite place was my buddy's Dad's saw mill. I spent my time jumping in the sawdust, breathing in the wonderful smell of sawdust shavings, listening to the saws and tools (music to my ears), and creating things.

   I have always loved birds and the amazing, diverse songs they sing. My Celtic heritage certainly played a great part in my appreciation of music and nature. And now, after years working in the demanding field of carpentry with all the codes and permits involved, my artistic side is finally able to show itself in the creative outlet of birdhouse building. I love constructing my birdhouses from the various materials I have collected: old barn wood, drift wood, new wood, natural stone, old glass, stained glass, copper, tin, Vermont slate, chewed Beaver sticks, and especially--the great items I get from salvage, yard sales, and estate sales. I love picking through the scrap metal piles to find a special treasure for the next house.

    Each birdhouse I create is one-of-a-kind and everything in its construction is done by me. Sometime I get the urge to hand carve a special item to accent the home: carved animals, chairs, a bench, etc. I start out with a basic idea for the birdhouses, but then they take charge and lead me where they want to go. I see my birdhouses as "garden/yard art" that also may provide homes for the birds. I make many kinds of structures: whimsical, architectural, Adirondack rustic, Painted Ladies, sugar houses, etc. Their size varies greatly as does their price: from small little homes to tuck away in your garden to very large ones that become the featured display in your yard; from under $100 to several thousand. Many of my collectors buy a home purely for indoor decorating.

   I live nestled in the woods with my wife, noted artist Lucinda Sayre, and our home contains both my workshop and her studio. Our property borders one of the largest state parks in Vermont and is certified a Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. A visit will make clear that we love feeding and providing unique homes and a natural habitat for our feathered friends. We also don't forget other wildlife, making sure to keep brush piles, decaying trees and hedge rows for them.

I love visitors interested in nature, gardening and the arts, and my workshop and gallery are open most days and by special
appointment. I'm always ready to put on the teapot, provide a nibble, show you around, and enjoy a chat. Please call (802-265-2129) or email me at

"A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song."
Chinese Proverb