Collectable One Of A Kind Birdhouses

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What an absolutely stunning pied of art your Wee People Garden Gazebo is. I'm also amazed at the detail and the uniqueness of each piece on your site. Thank you so much for posting them and for sharing them on the web. Margit from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Margit Szekely - 2 Jan 2015
Oh my gosh. What a beautifully creative mind you have. Your work is just breathtaking. Keep up the good work.
Raine Scott - 12 Jul 2014
These birdhouses are very unique...enjoyed the video....
Deb Ellis Straub - 10 May 2014
Howdy Thom, Very impressed with the web site and of course we've always appreciated your fine work. Miss sitting on your deck watching the birds. All the best to you and Joy. Your friends, Tom & Nancy
Tom Stearns - 7 May 2012
Absolutely brilliant!!! Finally. A birdhouse that won't fall apart in a year and will last. Grandbirds and great grandbirds will be able to inherit these houses for years to come :-)
Jim Bodaky - 1 May 2012
Not your ordinary bird house, very well constructed.
BJ Bruso - 26 Jan 2012
What a great website and what fabulous birdhouses! Your creative flair is just remarkable!!!!
Lisa & Neal - 30 Dec 2011
FASCINATING. Loved that Mountain House and exited about its sale. I'm a designer/woodworker and have been working up various designs for houses, feeders, baths. Your ability to sell encourages me to go on line. THANKS for the inspiration. love your work, ted
Ted Cooper - 7 Nov 2011
Great web site. I enjoyed seeing the birdhouses and seeing how you build them.
Susan Thiem - 18 Aug 2011
you the birdhouse master ! like your webside
werner the swiss carpenter 23 april 2011 - 23 Apr 2011
Absolutely wonderful work! I enjoyed looking at your website.
Debra Percival - 23 Apr 2011
Great new birdhouses. I would think your new series would be very marketable. The pic of you with the snowblower is great--but makes me happy I am here. Miss you. Love, Peggy xxxooo
Peggy - 8 Mar 2011
Nice work Thom... I made a few bird houses my self. I had so many of them in the trees around my house that my neighbors started calling me "hombre del pájaro" (Bird Man). As a matter of fact that is where I got my name for my web. Pajaro's Studio Dallas. Keep up the wonderful work you.
Pete DeFrancisco - 8 Jul 2010
Good work Thom!
Chuck and nancy - 18 Jun 2010
Good looking site Tom
Bob Bruso - 22 May 2010
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